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Security and Abuse Policy

All the services we provide are aimed at vital purposes only. If we get any info on incidents, we study it carefully to prevent this or any other similar incident in the future. We do our best to avoid registration engine abuse and leave security problems behind.

DanescoNames does not accept illegal online drugstores applying a multi-faceted approach. Moreover, we are in contact with legal authorities and active Internet users.

Protecting third-party rights and exploring the diverse world of intellectual property rights in multiple countries is what DanescoNames also does. That’s why we have established a Civil Subpoena Policy and a Criminal Subpoena Policy. It helps to act against the abuse issues.

Furthermore, DanescoNames acts against illegal adult content. The prohibited materials (those illustrating such content) are to be blocked or deleted from the Website.

DanescoNames fights with phishing and malware by cooperating with security organizations like HostExploit, Spamhaus, NetCraft, Google, etc. Our great wish is to create a safer online environment for our users.