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Table comparing the basic and premium DNS management pack

Capabilities Basic DNS package manage DNS Premium management pack
Free DNS-servers located in different data - centers: the Netherlands (NL) and the U.S. (US).
Types of records available for editing: A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS.
Predefined settings for Google Applications.
Domain auto renewal option.
The total number of A and CName records. 5 entries Unlimited.
Working with subdomains.
URL and E-mail forwarding.
Edit SOA record.
Editing values TTL.
Domain parking.

Domain – an alphanumeric name that uniquely identifies a particular website.

DNS – a network service that provides information about domains. Each computer connected to the Internet has a unique IP-address, made up of many numbers that are difficult to memorize. A Domain Name System (DNS) allows you to replace the numbers with a description of your choice, making it easier to find the correct one.

A – a record that binds the hostname to an IP-address where the resource is located.

AAAA – a similar record, but which uses the address of the new standard IPv6.

CNAME – the canonical name or "alias" for a simple and used to redirect requests from one domain name to another.

MX – entry points to the IP-address of the mail server in this domain.

NS – indicates the IP-address of the DNS-server for this domain.

TXT – indicates the IP-address of the DNS-server for this domain.

SOA – a parameter that specifies which server stores the reference entry for your domain, contact information for the person responsible, and the caching of information about DNS-server interaction.

Terms of Use for "Premium Package".

Please note that if you have previously activated the "Premium Package", but do not want to pay for this feature, all previously made settings for domains will remain and will continue to function normally, but you will not be able to change or delete records.