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Report Abuse

This page will help you to report the abuse on a domain registered through our service. Before you start, please carefully read the information below.

We are an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, which means we let our users register and manage domain names. However, we offer other services, such as DNS management, website forwarding, and WHOIS privacy/proxy service. For this reason, we deal only with these matters.

Trademark: If you face a trademark issues, we encourage you to use the UDRP dispute solution. We will strictly comply with ICANN rules upon the commencement of a UDRP dispute.

Copyright: If you suffer any problems related to copyright issues and believe your rights are being infringed, please file the DMCA complaint with the hosting provider.

Spam: When you have a spam/UCE problem, please send your complaint to the network/provider used to deliver spam emails. We are not a website host and do not host any web pages. We are not an email service provider, and, in this respect, our network cannot be used for sending emails.

Personal data: If you consider contact information of any particular domain (registered with DanescoNames) to be invalid, you will be asked to submit a respective ticket through our ticket system, so that we could assist you in full.

Fraud: If you believe you became the victim of an internet crime, or if you are aware of an attempted crime, please report to abuse@danesconames.com, so we could apply our respective procedures. We will assist the authorities and your adviser(s) in any way we can.

Phishing/Malware: As for phishing or malware, if you believe we can help, please leave a report here.

However, there is one exception we have. It is the content related to child pornography or the unethical use of minors in any way. In this case, we will investigate the issue immediately.

You can email abuse@danesconames.com to report any issue you consider infringing, as well as comments on the use of our services. We will carefully study and analyze your message, investigate it, and take the proper measures to solve the issue you have mentioned.

We never ignore such matters and do our best to assist the users.

Abuse Reporting Procedures

Each complaint we received is processed manually.

Danesconames provides support for abuse complaints via email. Emails sent to abuse@danesconames.com will be reviewed by our Abuse Manager and addressed in a timely fashion. The complainer should expect a response within 24 hours.

You can report any verifiable abuse of our services (such as phishing, pharming, drugs, malware distribution, spam, or illegal activity) to our Abuse Manager via email at abuse@danesconames.com, via our web form at https://danesconames.com/help/abuse or via telephone at +357 95 713 635

Upon receipt of report, Danesconames will review abuse complaint and apply the following measures:

  • We determine whether it is related to the Registrar, check the whois of the domain, check the ownership of the domain. For instance, we aren’t involved in website hosting, and therefore, we never spread violating data or send spam.
  • If the complaint is related to our services, then we write to the complainer that the complaint has been received and we start investigating the incident. If the complaint is related to us, but the essence is not entirely clear, we can request more details from the complainer.
  • After receiving all the details and determining the type of complaint and its urgency, we contact the client and give him 24 - 72 hours to resolve the problem. Depending on the severity of the complaint registrant has 24-72 hours to reply and report back. If their actions do not expressly violate our rules, the complaint shall be closed.
  • According to our internal policy, complaints can be urgent and regular (non-urgent).
  • In case of receiving an urgent complaint (illegal sexual materials, medicine drugs, drugs, notification from any state agency, spam), we give to the client 24 hours to resolve the complaint.
  • In case of extreme necessity, the severity of the violation, the domain can be blocked, until further details are clarified.
  • If the complaint is standard (content removal request, DMCA, remove the name etc.), we give to the client up to 72 hours to solve the problem.
  • If the user does not respond within the allotted time, we give a second warning and 48 hours to resolve the issue.
  • If there is no answer, we give the last, final warning and 24 hours to resolve it.
  • If there’s no response within the time mentioned above, and we clearly understand that there is an express violation of our terms and conditions, we undertake extra action to deal with the case.
  • The domain can be therefore suspended and / or the client can receive a request for verification of contact information, according to ICANN rules. So after investigating well-founded reports, we will take what we deem to be necessary and appropriate action, which may include the suspension, cancellation, or termination of relevant registrar services; or no action at all. Email with complaint will remain open/active until the conclusion of our investigation.
  • After solving the problem, we reply to the complainer that his complaint has been resolved.

However, it should be considered that we act as a domain registrar and cannot legally estimate issues on copyright, trademarks etc. In this respect, we cannot decide whether what the user describes is legal or not and act as the government body or someone with the same authority. Everyday practice shows that the cases we described above are mostly linked to disagreement.

DanescoNames is in no way related to our clients’ content and the sources it comes from, and cannot identify legal violations. In such cases, only competent authorities can assist in this matter.

An Applicant should enclose the copies of documents to confirm his rights. When necessary, additional documents can be attached. If an authorized person submits a complaint provided, he shall also submit a copy of the document confirming his authority.

DanescoNames carefully investigate the documents. We do not disclose data on the status of the application (there may be some exceptionalcases, though).

Please use the necessary Subject (which is directly linked to the content of your complaint) to submit a complaint on violation of our Terms of Service.

[Child abuse] [DMCA/Copyright] [Trademark] [Phishing] [Malware] [Hacking] [Illegal Pharmacy] [Live streaming] [Spam] [Gambling] [Zoophilia] [Defamation] [Personal data]

Everything you submitted is investigated in detail. We act if there is a violation of our terms or if it does not comply with the ICANN or appropriate registry’ policies. Sometimes, extra data and show the complaint to the customer it concerns become necessary.

Note that it is crucial to provide clear and complete evidence on your complaint, as it will help us during the investigation process.

We use a central email system to track abuse reports through the process and we assign a staff member to each email and this person is tracking the report progress.

DanescoNames Security & Abuse Policy

DanescoNames registrar have an accomplished team constantly trying to increase Internet security. Whatever the case, if we are investigating abuse reports or if we are proactively eliminating dangerous actors offline, safekeeping the company’s and consumers’ online interests is a job.

  1. We have a zero tolerance spam policy. We oversee our system and services to make sure they aren’t used for negative purposes, such as sending out unsolicited email. We want to apply the necessary measures in order to prevent registration engine abuse, as well as DNS services at a transactions point of origin in order to contribute our part to the elimination of spam. Abuse and incidents are taken very seriously, we make sure to research any incidents that may be reported.
  2. DanescoNames is actively fighting illegal online pharmacies through a multi-faceted approach and by teaming up extensively with law enforcement officials and Internet leaders.
  3. DanescoNames has a zero tolerance policy a public track record for admiringly and responsibly taking action when we discover spam or security issues with systems registered with DanescoNames. DanescoNames researches and takes necessary action with every Spam or security report that we receive.
  4. DanescoNames specializes in protecting third party rights holders and navigating the complicated world of intellectual property rights protection in hundreds of countries, it is a full time job. We have fixed a clear Civil Subpoena Policy and a clear Criminal Subpoena Policy to assist rights holders and law enforcement in investigating abuse and wrongdoing.
  5. DanescoNames has a zero tolerance policy for illegal adult content. Adult or explicit material depicting illegal acts or deemed to be exploitative shall be blocked or removed from the Website.
  6. DanescoNames has a zero tolerance for phishing and malware. DanescoNames works and collaborates with many Internet security organizations, we excel at fighting phishing and malware across the Internet. Collaborating with companies like Spamhaus, NetCraft, HostExploit, Google and many others, we actively strive to make the Internet a safer environment for our consumers.

Please send us email to abuse@danesconames.com to enter any issues regarding spam and the use of our services. Your message will be evaluated for merit and acted on where appropriate, and therefore, we reserve the right to use your notice to substantiate the abuse to our customer. Please be assured that we take abuse very seriously and investigate every incident that is reported.